About us

Here at Pet Chip Register, we want our pet owners to feel secure their pet will always be found and never go missing for long.

Using the latest Microchip technology with our pet register, as soon as you upload the chip number and fill in your details, your pet is searchable.

Never worry about your pet going missing or being stolen ever again.

We’re always here to help.

We’re here to help

24/7 Support: Instantly register your pet as missing by logging in to your account. Available 24 hours a day.

National Database: Your pet’s details are stored on our database as soon as they are chipped and you have registered. Update their information and mark as lost or stolen immediately.

Instant Updates: You can update your missing pet’s details instantly, even from your mobile. This will give us the best chance of reuniting you and your lost pet.


Microchipping puts an owner’s mind at ease in the unfortunate event of their beloved pet being lost or stolen. After the pet has been microchipped and the owner’s details are registered on our international pet chip register, the pet can be marked as lost or stolen within seconds. Once the pet has been found and their chipped scanned, vets and animal sanctuaries will be able to find the owner’s details on our pet chip register and reunite the owner and pet.

Keep your pet safe

Microchipping your dog and registering your personal details is a legal obligation for all owners. Changes of address and telephone details need to be updated to help us reunite you and your lost pet.

Microchipping is also available for smaller animals such as cats, rabbits and ferrets.